Academic Resume Example

Basics of academic resume example

What should I write in my resume? Should I mention my grades only? Is it right to mention the summer job of last year? If you are a fresher who has just completed his education then these questions must be bugging you. But you need not worry. You can get plenty of help once you start looking for it. Let us discuss about academic resume example and help you to pen one for yourself.

Tips on writing a winning resume – academic resume example

For a new entrant in the job market the first and foremost task is to write a good resume. Always remember that your resume is your advertisement in the job market. How you write your resume and present yourself through it to the employers will play a vital role in getting a job.
Lets us share some tips on resume writing.

Importance of objective

Recruiters often complain about fresher resumes which lack objectives. You should clearly mention your objective in your resume. Without a proper goal your resume will not generate interest in the prospective employer to call you for an interview. Mention your objective in 10-12 words and specifically mention the position you want, the functional area and the industry where you want to work. A good academic resume example should have an objective like “entry level position in programming in IT industry”. You can check resume sample to understand better.


After writing the objective, give a brief summary about your resume which corresponds to the objective. For the objective mentioned above, you can write in the summary the degree you have achieved in programming or in IT.

Educational qualifications

Mention your educational qualifications starting with the most recent one and which are relevant to the job you are applying for. Mention the names of schools and colleges and year of passing of your board examinations. If your academic performance is good then mention the percentages or else leave this part.

Work experience

As a fresher you cannot compete with experienced candidates but do not hesitate to mention the summer trainings, voluntary works and internships that you have participated in. The catch is how to mention these in your academic resume example so that the recruiter gets interested in reading further.
Clearly mention your duties and responsibilities and how well you performed them. You can also mention any valuable contribution that you have made in the work area.

Employer’s perspective

Your resume should be written from the employer’s perspective. So avoid writing anything that does not relate to the job in question or which shifts the focus. Do not fall into the trap of claiming big or fabricating details. Most companies check references and such acts can prove detrimental to your career.

Simplicity is the rule

Avoid using long words to impress the employer. Use simple and lucid language. Keep the sentences short. Include action words to give the resume a character. Use common fonts and highlight those points to which you want to draw attention of the recruiter.
For more information check out executive resume.

Last but not the least, check the resume for any grammatical or typing error. Remember, as a fresher your resume can speak for your organizational and creative writing skills. Check resume writing services for more details.

These basics of academic resume example will guide you to write a resume for yourself which will boost your confidence to apply for the first job.