GreatResumeFast Review

When we checked out the site in order to write this great resumes fast review, we were impressed. There’s a section called success stories that share some great experience with the company, without a single complaint about how they do their business. Even so, our impressions changed drastically when we went online and read quite a few great resumes fast complaints. This prompted us, even more, to keep going until we find out how good this resume writing service is.

GreatResumeFast Quality Overview

The quality of the resume is what makes this whole ordeal worthwhile. But in this case, the writer who was handed with our order didn’t do the flawless job we expected. Yes, the package he created was of good quality and would interest many of the choices for a recruiter we had in mind. However, this was also the resume with the highest price we have paid so far. With their prices, I don’t see how any client can afford to buy from great resumes fast, especially not at a point where he actually needs a job to make some money.

GreatResumeFast Services Review

There aren’t many services you can choose from at In fact, you don’t even have a choice as to what you can include in a package. It’s really simple – there are three different, pre-determined package options that you can select from. This is the starting point, the must when you order. Then, if you need something else added to your package, you can choose to pay extra to get it.

The options are:

  • Professional resume package (customizable cover letter that you can edit to apply to different companies, personalized 60 to 90 minute conversation with the resume writer, 3-5 business days delivery, professional resume, two rounds of revisions, and a 60-day interview guarantee)
  • VIP premium package (customizable cover letter, personalized 60 to 90-minute conversation with the resume writer, LinkedIn basic package, 3-5 business days delivery, professional resume, two rounds of revisions, and a 60-day interview guarantee)
  • VIP platinum package (all of the above plus career biography, thank you letter, and professional recruiter distribution)

GreatResumeFast Prices Review

If you choose to go with the cheapest package, you’ll pay an incredibly steep amount of $799 for the professional resume and cover letter. Basically, this is all that the package includes with the added benefit of having direct contact with the person who does it. The other two packages cost whopping $1199 and $1799, respectively.

Their additional services include a cover letter of $150, networking power letter of $195, reference sheet of $175, thank you letter of $150, US email resume distribution of $275, and a career biography of $295. To be fair, most of the resume companies charge this much and maybe even less for an entire package, making this one of the highest priced resume services we’ve seen.

GreatResumeFast Customer Service Review

For the price we had to pay to check the company, we didn’t even think that they could delay the paper. They did not – it came in four days after we ordered it and their deadline option says 3 to 5 days. Even so, the customer service could be a bit faster, and they definitely need to include more free revisions, at least for the packages that cost over $1000!

Apparently, the company has a 110% satisfaction guarantee based solely on the fact that they have great resume writers. There’s nothing else on the website that tells you about their guarantees. The only really guaranteed thing is their 2 free revisions offered, and even that is merely described.

There’s not a discounted offer if you return to order again, no guarantee against plagiarism or mistakes – nothing. Their personalized cover letter is the thing that irritates us the most. This is quite literally a draft they’ve created that they can send to anyone. That’s what makes it customizable, so they basically write the resume only.

GreatResumeFast Reviews Online

Thanks to online feedback, there is a lot you can learn about a service. This service is really highly priced to lack some good guarantees in place, which is one more reason why we don’t see many great resumes fast reviews on the web. The first reason for the lack of interest and customers of the company is, undoubtedly, the pricing.

We’ve read some comments from people who can’t even get themselves to pay $1000 for a package, not even if they have that kind of money.

This is understandable because some high rated companies we’ve reviewed have much better prices than this one. The quality might be solid, but for this kind of a price, you can get several great packages from much more popular companies.

Short GreatResumeFast Review

The experience we had with Great Resume Fast might not have been bad, but quality isn’t the only thing to look for when you’re searching for resume help. It’s an understatement to say that the packages are pricey. This company expects its customers to pay thousands to get their application, something that we don’t see many people doing.